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About Yonge Bloor Bay Association

Our Association was established in 1920, to enrich the lives of all those that work and live in the greater Yorkville community. We work towards promoting the development of the Yorkville Community shoppers, tourists, businesses, professionals, and residents.

We deal with issues that are important to our members - Government Affairs and Small Business, Police Liaison and Safety, Networking and Business Promotion. This allows our members to contribute their thoughts and ideas to improve our neighborhood, empower local businesses and facilitate cooperation with police divisions and municipal officials.

Our boundaries go from Alcorn Avenue South to Wellesley Street, from St George Street East to Sherbourne Street.

The Yonge Bloor Bay Association Difference

When our members come together as a group we are recognized as an organization that can effect change in improving the Yorkville neighborhood. We have advanced and protected the interests of our community with respect to federal, provincial and municipal policies and regulations.

We've addressed safety and security concerns as well as issues affecting the Bloor-Yorkville Community by promoting community awareness, as we maintain a close working relationship with the Toronto Police. We've hosted events that the great people within the Bloor-Yorkville area and the YBB members can converse, share business tips and enjoy each other’s company.

We are proud to be the only business organization (not-for-profit) in the Bloor Yorkville area and are also on the Board Of Trade for Bloor- Yorkville.

Our aim for the future is to keep to attracting more members that are interested in developing the Bloor-Yorkville Community.

Being a community-centered Association, we usually make a donation from proceeds from our Special Events to a charity located in the Bloor-Yorkville Community. The Church of The Redeemer Drop-in Program for the homeless is another charity we continue to support.

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