About Yonge Bloor Bay Association in Toronto, ON

Rich in history, the village of Yorkville was founded in 1830 by Joseph Bloor.  Ninety years later, in 1920, the Yonge Bloor Bay Business Association was established to enrich the lives of all those that work and live in the greater Yorkville community.

Since its inception, Yorkville has always been the centre of Toronto’s Cultural Revolution: a celebration of life through the arts, design, fashion and food.  Yorkville is a destination for tourists, celebrities, global brands, businesses and residential living. It has evolved from the hippie heartland of the 60’s to its reputation today as one of Canada’s most exclusive shopping, business and residential communities.

We are committed to being the one-stop resource for all those interested in doing business in the area. Our membership is a collective of individual members that are bound together by similar interests. This membership is diverse and yet committed to improving the social and political climate of the greater Yorkville community.

We are its voice, its heart and its soul and have been for over 92 years: a welcoming place for business.

Our Executive and Board

Amber Pachla
Caitlin Beatty
Cameron Forster
Charlotte Janssen
Christena Chruzez
David Cote
David Lowry
Debra McGonegal
Denise Wilson
Eli Clarke
Gee Chung
Hartley Esbin
Ian Ser

Ian Taylor
Melanie Chiu
Miriam Blumenfeld
Negah Tarzi
Nick Vesely (Honourary)
Norman Bergstein
Rose Hahn (Honourary)
Sam Wygodny
Stefania Palitti
Susan Ungurean-Cumming
Tom Stavropoulos
Victoria Boscariol