Our Services

The Yonge Bloor Bay Association was established in 1920 to promote the development of the Yorkville Community as a destination for shoppers, tourists, businesses, professionals and residents.Networking and representation are important parts of our mandate. We host regular after-work receptions, large events and meetings to encourage our members to meet each other and to find out about the issues and events in our neighbourhood.

  • Receptions

    We meet regularly with informal receptions where our members can enjoy a drink, fine food and each other’s company. In 2013, we went to Sorrell, Dimmi’s, the Duke of York and the Windsor Arms. We advertise these through email notices. Be sure to join us through the year.

  • Committee work

    Our committees meet regularly through the year. Members are asked to contribute to a committee of their choice. The Police Liaison committee works with the three local Police Service divisions to learn about safety and security issues and to pass back our concerns. Government Affairs keeps track of new development proposals, traffic and noise problems and other government related issues and then we submit our views to the appropriate agencies and officials.

  • Annual General Meeting

    We’ve turned our AGM into a networking event as well as a serious business meeting. You’ll learn who our Board members are, you’ll have a chance to join the Board or a committee, you’ll be able to tell others about your issues and concerns. All of this happens in the informal atmosphere at a local restaurant. Last year, our 2013 AGM was held in the back patio at Caren’s Wine Bar on Cumberland.

  • Special events

    Our two big events through the year are All That Jazz in the Spring and a golf tournament in September.

  • Internet services

    Our members enjoy a free listing on this website. Contact information (your name, address, phone and email info) is our basic format. Then we add a photo or logo for your business and a few key details about your business.

    We also distribute emails to over 500 Yorkville area businesses on a regular weekly schedule. Our members are encouraged to use this free service at least once every year.

    We’ve just started to use a Facebook page. Members can submit their announcements for posting there.

  • Issue breakfasts

    We invite politicians and officials to informal discussions for short, useful breakfast sessions. We exchange views, learn what they’re doing and express our opinions about local problems and events. Our members are invited to join each session – usually through email announcements.